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We want 1 million students to pledge they will graduate high school and pursue higher education. We want parents and communities to support students.

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The #1 hit maker and Grammy Award winning singer, song writer and super producer Sean Garrett has teamed up with the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance to give one lucky New York City teenager a chance to become a superstar, through the Search For The Next Teen Superstar competition. The event is sponsored by Columbia Records, Hot 97 FM, and EARS Entertainment Group with promotional support provided by BMI.

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Visit www.nextteensuperstar.com

TEENKONEC is an informative, educational lifestyle web magazine. We created TEENKONEC to help improve literacy in students by focusing on topics pertinent to today's teen issues. Students learn how to write, report and edit news stories. They also learn the latest technology through video production, photography and website maintenance. TEENKONEC features celebrity interviews, fashion, latest trends, events and an advice column.

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How do we get the attention of today's youth? How do we help them understand the importance of education, personal advancement and social committment?

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Entertainers 4 Education Alliance produces public service campaigns designed to create awareness, influence attitudes, behaviors, and empower young people to succeed. Our PSA's are featured on television, radio and in print with special emphasis placed on our grass roots and viral campaigns. We distribute thousands of posters, book covers, postcards, stickers to schools, libraries, malls, stores, with positive messages geared toward connecting with our youth, parents and the entire community.